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Legal age for dating in tennessee

In some respect, the Trump administration is an opportunity for conservatism.

Trump ran a campaign that was explicitly hostile toward long-held conservative policy prescriptions.

He blended conventionally Republican rhetoric with support for protectionist, big-government interventionism.

Consumer confidence is on the rise; public optimism has led more firms to make big-ticket capital investments, Americans are taking out automobile loans at record rates, and the dollar is so strong the president is starting to tell reporters that it needs to cool off.

Every available indicator suggests that there are no recessionary signals on the horizon, and the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates as a result.

Wealth is being created on Wall Street at a remarkable pace.

In late April, the NASDAQ closed above the 6,000 mark for the first time in history.

Trump’s victory did not, however, displace any of the traditional conservative legislators who made up the GOP’s backbone. Will they embrace a new populist right, which is largely disdainful of conservative ideas but flush with political power?