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Le bron james mama dating teammate

It's tougher than being a professional athlete or being the president. After her mother's death, it became a losing battle. In the fourth grade, he missed nearly a hundred days of school because he didn't have the means to get there.

They had enough to get by, and James lived with her until he finished high school.

Meanwhile, his extended family of friends and mentors kept growing. Joyce was putting together a traveling team, the Shooting Stars, and he approached James about joining.

Soon, the team included James, Sian Cotton, Willie Mc Gee, and Joyce's son, Dru Joyce III, better known as Little Dru.

Under Coach Dru's tutelage, they played together through eighth grade, going all the way to the Amateur Athletic Union nationals in Orlando, Fla. The boys and their coach stayed together through high school at Akron's St. Mary, where James and company became known as the Fab Four (later the Fab Five, with the addition of Romeo Travis).

[When I was] growing up, she was my mother, my father, everything.

To grow up in a single-parent household, to see what she could do all by herself, that gave me a lot of strength." But Gloria is not the only mother he will be celebrating this Mother's Day.

He writes, "Whatever my mom could do or could not do, I also knew that nobody was more important in her life than I was.

You have no idea how much that means when you grow up without so many of the basic things you should have.

It was the first basketball team Le Bron played for.

He stayed with the Hornets a year, and during that time he moved back home, into a two-bedroom apartment his mother rented with help from a government assistance program.

Nike signed him to a $90 million contract before he played his first professional game. "I can't take credit for that one." When he was 3 years old, she gave him a toy basketball set for Christmas.