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And so, they began many more nights of chatting for hours, though this time around they chose places where Justin's nice suit fit in with the crowd a bit more.

They are such an incredible family that is filled with so much Love.

Sean, Jordan, and the kids have been incredible to get to know.

Justin reached out and texted Kiersta while she was at a family holiday, she knew right then she wouldn't let their busy schedules get in the way again.

Soon learning he had just accepted a job that landed him home full time!

Kiersta and Mandi have been best friends since 2005 - it was love at first sight.

They met in a class at FVCC and have remained best friends ever since. Hiking in the mountains in Glacier Park is definitely a favorite.

Justin played the whole day as cool and calm as ever, even the moments leading right up to the question when Kiersta still had absolutely no idea.

As soon as he asked, her excitement was undeniable. " so fast the photographer said Justin's knee "bounced right off the ground."Grouse Mountain Lodge is located one mile from Downtown Whitefish , MT along Highway 93.

She doesn't miss a beat (especially on the dance floor), of course she wouldn't miss the biggest day yet!

The person standing beside you should be the person in your life who has your back, you can turn to in time of trouble, or need some advice. Needless to say they have been through everything together from diapers to high school, engagements and a baby in the family!

They talked all night, and after realizing all of their friends had since left, Justin asked for Kiersta's number and they went on their first date a few nights later.