Start Lack of chemistry dating

Lack of chemistry dating

Surprise and shock your partner out of the blue, be it about singing at a karaoke night, getting drunk with ten tequila shots in a row, or by doing something adventurous or daring when they least expect it.

Ever had a conversation with someone attractive that you hoped would never end?

Ever grazed arms with someone while dancing or at a movie and felt a flirty summersault in your stomach?

If you get something easily, you’ll never understand its value.

If your partner can get to have sex with you whenever they want, they’ll never truly appreciate you.

Love may hold a relationship together, but sexual chemistry keeps the attraction alive.

If you and your partner don’t share sexual chemistry, you’d find no difference in the way you treat your lover or your sibling.

But if you want to learn a few tips on seduction and building sexual tension with someone new, read how to build sexual tension with someone you’re attracted to. Sexual chemistry is something you can’t see, just like love.