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Fort St John SSC Meet & Learn, Fet Life Promotes a sense of community, mentoring and learning between adults who practice BDSM and related alternative activities in a safe, sane and consensual manner. Twice a month ‘munches’ and once a month hosted meetings to learn on various topics.

Dedicated to inspiring Dominant Women to live their dreams with a valuable submissive male willingly at Her feet. Clothing Swap, Victoria BC, Fet Life Prides itself in providing places for people interested in BDSM to meet others of like mind in settings that are comfortable and safe in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island.

Primary events held by the group are Play Parties and Munches.

Welcomes any level of experience and sexual persuasion.

Ages 18-35 Greater Vancouver Under 35 Munch, Fet Life For female identified rope riggers/rope tops/dominants in Vancouver.

Parties are by invitation only, uninvited guests are strictly not permitted (though all are welcome to join this group).

Dawson Creek hang-out, Fet Life Shows and Parties which are truly pan-sexual events for hetero, gay, bi, lesbian and trans-gendered kinksters. Providing education and knowledge as well a safe haven and fellowship for those in the community.

Whether you are new to all this or an “old hand”, this is the place for you. Kinksters, Fet Life Just for us Vancouverites, Surrians, Richmonders, New Westies, Burnabies, Coquitlamites, Fraser Vallians, and all of the other kinky people nearby.