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Keiko kitagawa dating

and studied together in the same school since they were kids. She is sweet, calm, and does not use foul language.

One day, while Keiko and Yusuke's mother (Atsuko) were gone out of the house, an arsonist ramdomly burns Yusuke's house where his body was kept.

Keiko proved to be the key person in reviving Yusuke back to life.

The first requirement is that his body is not destroyed (e.g. Yusuke first appears to Keiko through a dream comforting her since she was devastated at Yusuke's death.

The meaning of Japanese names is found in the kanji and not in the sounds as several kanjis can have the same sound, in the light of that the meaning of Keiko's first name is firefly child, though other variations (made with other kanjis) can have different meanings.

Her last name means snowy village, and is occasionally spelled Ukimura instead.

After Yusuke is killed in a car accident, he is given a test by Koenma so his soul can come back again to his body and be revived.

The test is to hatch a golden egg which feeds on his energy; if bad energies are given, the creature that will hatch will eat him alive but if good, then he will be ressurected.

Yusuke then told Koenma just to help her first before revealing the condition.