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It didn’t become a problem because the immigration officer saw many stamps in my passport and let me through. I think these are important for first time travelers but not for those who are frequent travelers. I have not worked illegally and my stamps can prove I have always returned to my country.

Since it was approved in China for the treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC), it has been widely used in NPC and in many clinical trials for other cancer types.

However, the optimal dose and administration frequency of nimotuzumab that should be used and which kind of cancer patients will be more benefited from nimotuzumab is still unknown.

I wrote this guide in response to many questions in my blog about answering the questions in Philippine immigration.

This guide is about how to handle Philippine immigration as a tourist and not as an OFW.

cannot leave the Philippines because you were unable to pass the Filipino immigration inspection.

If you want to minimize the risk of being offloaded as a Filipino, here are some tips: When I quit my job in China and returned to the Philippines jobless, I was a little scared to travel because I was unemployed.

I’m afraid I do not have experience with this or what documents you need to provide.