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" I pondered slowly, sticking a couple of fingers up my slit."I have no idea, Kaylie. Your straight brown hair, soft skin and with that cute face, you are ravishing," she mentioned, prior to putting her hand on my leg.

I certainly love seeing it, I don't know why I have a crush on you, but I do.'"What is it like having two moms?

""Well, I can't compare it to having a mom and a dad, but it is what it is: normal to me.

"I hope her comment didn't make you feel uncomfortable.""No," I answered, shaking my head no. A little lesbian joke among friends is nothing to fret about."'Stop staring at her tits, just stop before she catches you.'"Good, Kaylie," she said, coming over to the bed. Whether I wanted to or not, my right hand calmly made the trip into my shorts and then into my panties too.

How do I tell my best friend that she gets my pussy wet every single day? I have no idea, but I can enjoy the view.'"I swear, I think my moms want me to be a lesbian.

Our webcam girls want to be absolutely sure that they are chatting with users over the age of 18.

" she asked, peeking at them as we walked in the living room."Yes, Joy? "You two make a cute couple.""Hey," Joy objected, shaking her head no and placing her hands on her hips. We have been for six years now, but we're not thinking about taking this to the next level. I've never been with a woman before, but I'd love for you to be my first.

I know you two would support us even if you weren't lesbians, but that's not us."I looked over Joy's backside. You have sexy red curly hair, a beautiful petite body and of course that cute face too,' I thought before I looked at them.