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Joshua walter dating

Joshua Walter Semon, 39, of Dallastown, Pennsylvania; Andrew Douglas Maley, 26, of Baltimore; and Mingo Bruce Hubbard, 42, of Westminster, were all charged with two counts of prostitution, according to court documents.

At p.m., Semon arrived at the Westminster hotel and told the Baltimore County detective he was looking to pay for a “short stay.” He then gave her $60, according to the statement.

MILWAUKEE -- Three pedestrians were seriously injured after they were struck by a vehicle Friday morning, June 16th in Milwaukee, and the mother of one of the victims said it'll be a long road to recovery for her son. I think if you had taken my blood pressure when I was told, I'm sure it would have been off the charts," Joanne Walters said.

Walters on Friday learned her son, Josh Walters had been struck by a vehicle while walking near 20th and Fond du Lac Avenue.

"Justice would be that my son can walk out of the hospital and that he can have a semi-normal life, playing with his children and being home with his wife," Walters said.

Joanne Walters said Saturday she hasn't spoken to her son because he's been in and out of surgery.

The detective said the price was $120 and, according to the statement, Maley asked if he brought “weed,” if the price would be lowered, to which the detective said yes. At p.m., Maley texted the detective and asked if she would take a check, to which she said no, according to the statement. Maley asked if he could pay $60 and “smoke you up,” to which the detective agreed to $60 for half an hour.

Eventually, Maley said he had $70 and the two agreed to 45 minutes.

"He always did everything right, so for something like this to happen, it's hard, and I know he'll make something good out of it, but it's hard to see that right now," Joanne Walters said.