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Johann urb dating

The two main "stars" and their "story" are barely on screen, meaning it's mostly a staged documentary where unattractive people talk about working as prostitutes. Also, putting Daryl Hannah next to Denise Richards seems a bit mean, since they were both sex kittens in their day, and only one of them still is. banks off the antiquated idea that foreign accents = sexy, and so puts two "hilariously" foreign women together in a hotel in Rome.

My Normal (2009) Director: Irving Schwartz Stars: Nicole La Liberte, Ty Jones, Dawn Noel Pignuola What five minutes were like: The dialogue in this movie might've been improvised, or at least written on set.

The main character, a lesbian dominatrix, just said that her hookup probably wouldn't mind that she's a "dom" because "she seemed mad chill." Which will make you feel about 30 years older on principle, and slightly misanthropic.

Trying to relive the loss of innocence you experienced as a childhood when you discovered those steamy Cinemax scenes or your dad's nudie mags?

Want to stop watching porn, but just can't manage to quit cold turkey?

Sacred Flesh (2000) Director: Nigel Wingrove Stars: Sally Tremaine, Moyna Cope, Simon Hill What five minutes were like: Good lord, this movie about a convent become suddenly sexualized is so horribly bad, it'll make you feel guilty, like after blacking out you've woke to find yourself covered in blood and feces.

Truly, you'll be reaching for the closest Disney movie.

Student Services (2010) Director: Emmanuelle Bercot Stars: Déborah François, Mathieu Demy, Alain Cauchi What five minutes were like: So she's a young student/pretty prostitute (duh) with old and mostly ugly clients who pay her for boring sex.