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London chef Jimmy Garcia is opening his Lodge On The River, which he describes as “a bit of the Alps in London.” Located next to the South Bank Centre, it will consist of a canopy-covered bar and street food venue on the ground floor, a 30-cover restaurant called The Refuge above and four translucent, snow globes that can be booked for up to ten people dotted along the river.

The logline: Insanity, absurdity and urgency reign backstage at is produced by Lionsgate Television, Dakota Pictures and Trout the Dog Productions.

Executive producers are Wentworth, Tom Brunelle and Brad Wollack of Free 90 Media, Troy Miller, and Lydia Tenaglia, Chris Collins and Craig Shepherd of Zero Point Zero Production.

I will say, when I was in high school and college, he was one of my all-time favorite comics,' Kimmel said.

Savile was conscripted to work in the coal mines as a Bevin Boy during the Second World War, reportedly sustaining spinal injuries, aged 14.

Billy underwent open heart surgery at three days old due to a condition that was keeping his lungs from getting enough oxygen.

Kimmel in an emotional monologue in May reveaved that Billy was born with the congenital heart disease.

Leno was repeatedly insulted by Kimmel who ended the segment asking Leno to 'leave our shows alone' as he and O'Brien had 'kids' while Leno only had 'cars'. He does this thing where he takes Halloween candy from kids and the kids cry. It is funny I guess, but it's mean-based,' Leno said.