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one week i dreamed of different ways that my sister killed me; she used giant scorpions one night, turned into a demon and ripped my intrails out of my anus on another night etc... When my kids had bad dreams I prayed and fasted for a day and that seemed to be the end of it.

last night i was put in prison,burned alive and thrown into a bottomless pit, the night b4 i was eaten alive by demons dressed as old turkish warriors.

Ever since I was a lil kid, i have had dreams (nightmares) about demons. And for the past 15yrs, i have been dreaming gruesome dreams. Now some of you may think Jesus has nothing to do with it, let me tell you one thing.

Maybe you haven't had the scariest, most gruesome, soul-scarring, life draining dreams like I had.

I could still remember how it looked big horns that shiled its face,it was taller than my ceiling it had to crouch down its knees bent over its head it had long neals like 10 or 12" long.