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Please note that some production watches did not fully conform to these requirements, which were probably merely used as a basis for the study and approval of submitted watches, rather than as a hard rule, and were also probably written afterwards.

This article will discuss the history of the watch, starting with the vintage Type 20 chronograph; it will then focus on the modern Breguet sports watch, from its design to its movement characteristics.

This would require a separate and lengthy article, based on much more documents than what I can have access to.

You are still welcome to contact me with information and pictures, if you would like such a work to be started.

It is one of the key features found in the Type 20 requirements.

Most Type 20 watches share a lot of obvious similarities.

They are black dialed chronographs, with luminous hands (most were using radioactive specified by the French Air Force, in terms of timekeeping equipment: for instance, the Type 11 (mono-pusher, non flyback) and Type 12 (flyback) were both aircraft dashboard chronographs.

Only the official Type 20 and Type 21 refer to military wristwatches.

And, since this watch is made to be worn, it will be concluded with a concise owner's review.