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Its sub-standard treatment of women is no secret to anyone familiar with Islam. Rodwell notes: “This passage [Sura ] is one of the numerous anachronisms which abound in the Koran and prove the gross ignorance of the Arabian prophet” (Rodwell, J.

This includes many prophecies, i.e., detailed predictions, that are later fulfilled perfectly.

Some would contend that this is the kind of disagreement that never will be settled. Both volumes claim inspiration, but obviously both cannot be inspired.

The difference of “Isaac versus Ishmael” is just one of hundreds of discrepancies between the Bible and the Koran.

And many of these differences concern crucial themes (e.g., the nature of God, the identity of Christ, and God’s plan of salvation).

Before one commits to a system of religion, it is necessary to inquire into the source of that religion.

Although challenged by the most renowned skeptics, the Bible is found to be without error. Men are ever trying to “catch up” with the Scriptures.

But the Koran, despite its claims, lacks the marks of divine revelation.

If you remember the Old Testament account, you will be somewhat perplexed. Muslims reject the Bible and believe the Koran (or Qur’an) contains the inspired, uncorrupted record. Although the Koran does not name the child whom Abraham was to sacrifice, Muslims believe it was Ishmael, and they believe that idea is supported by the Koran. It was badly tampered with by man’s alterations and narrations, that we no longer can tell which parts of it are the True Living Words of The issue is not so “who” is right, as if it were a personal dispute between two “classes” of people.