Start Is bella dating edward in real life

Is bella dating edward in real life

Obviously, I know now that she wasn't the love of my life, nor was I actually ever in love with her, but when you're fifteen, your views are slightly skewed.

In my defense, I was moody with good reason having moved part way through the school year from big city Chicago to butt fuck nowhere Forks, Washington.

I remember when my parents told my brother Carlisle and I that we were moving across the country so my father could work in the local hospital.

Edward Cullen - to most, he's a boring book editor but he's really an elusive romance novelist with an erotic flair.

Once we were there, I stood against the wall, arms crossed, looking very unapproachable.

In fact, no one even bothered with me except for Esme.

She asked – more like begged - me to dance with her friend who apparently had a crush on me, why I'll never know.

We looked up Forks on a map and it was a tiny spec with nothing to offer except a few decent beaches, which sounds promising but in a place where the sun rarely shines, what was the point of a beach if it was too damn cold to enjoy it?