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Once more, as in the Yemen adventure (already plagued by humanitarian catastrophe and credible accounts of the slaughter of civilians under Saudi air attacks), Prince Mohamed, aged 31, is leading his country.

Dari seribuan pelaku yang berhasil diidentifikasi masing-masing berasal dari: USA 224 pelaku, Inggris 110 pelaku, India 103 pelaku, Canada 54 pelaku, Australia 46 pelaku, Indonesia 3 pelaku, dan dari beberapa negara lainnya.

So the real figures behind this extraordinary military force is not how many countries plan to participate, but how many millions – or billions – of dollars Saudi Arabia plans to pay them for their fraternal military assistance.

Along with the obvious question: just which strain of the “terror disease” does young Prince Mohamed intend to destroy?

The Sunni monarchy had the Americans, the British, the French and sundry other oil importers on their side to drive Saddam’s legions out of Kuwait in 1991.

Earlier this year, the Saudi military – for which read the youngest defence minister in the world and the ambitious Deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed bin Salman al-Saud – struck at the Kingdom’s Shia Houthi enemies in Yemen in yet another coalition.

Sudaryanto, Country Manager Indonesia, Terre des Hommes Netherlands-Southeast Asia mengaku prihatin dengan masuknya Indonesia sebagai salah satu negara asal predator WCST.

“Fakta ini cukup mencengangkan, dan ini sebetulnya fenomena gunung es.

Few spotted, however, the curious absence from the 34-strong “coalition” of Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population.