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Der „Jahrhundertbau“ im Zentrum der Hauptstadt soll 590 Millionen Euro kosten.

In the deep, dark ocean, many sea creatures make their own light for hunting, mating and self-defense.

Bioluminescence expert Edith Widder was one of the first to film this glimmering world.

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She can identify every individual and they, in turn, seem to trust and recognise her.

It is a solid foundation for the boldest attempt yet to talk with dolphins. A Sea World trainer who prompts a dolphin to jump for fish is arguably communicating with it.

“And he was saying that every few years.” Lilly was right about dolphin intelligence, but not dolphin language.

A true language involves small elements that combine into larger chains, to convey complex, and sometimes abstract, information.

Herzing’s vision is much more ambitious – she wants to establish two-way communication with her dolphins, with both species exchanging and understanding information.

The idea of talking to dolphins has a long and chequered history. He once flooded a house to keep a captive dolphin, instigated failed attempts to teach them spoken English, and even gave the animals LSD (while taking the drug himself).

At TED2011, she brings some of her glowing friends onstage, and shows more astonishing footage of glowing undersea life.