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How to tell overprotective parents you are dating

It is certainly what appreciates most parents, because all they want is the happiness of their children.

You must make it clear that you do not seek full independence and will respect all limits that they will put.

If they are upset with this news is because they think you are not at right age, you are not mature enough to take right decisions or this will affect your studies.

Explain to them with love and they will understand.

All overprotective fathers thinks his daughter is very young to have a boyfriend, it’s a fact!

This is a big problem for girls living in India and other Asian countries.

If you often have dinner together, perhaps the best time to give them the news.

Find a time of day when they are quiet at home, when your parents are not in hurry to go to work or are about to go to bed. At home it would be best, because it is a place where there will be no interruptions and you can talk about your feelings towards the guy.

You could start with “I met someone with whom I have been dating” or something.