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How long has kendra been dating hank baskett

She reveals that it’s provided some teachable moments for her kids, stating, “As people being on earth, we have a job to help each other, care for each other.

"I remember playin a love trivia game at a lovers resort in the Poconos and they asked how long have you been married? In the beginning we promised to take on the world together, knowing that together we could make it through anything.

Everyone was like 30 years, they look at us n we laugh so hard n yell dating 7 months." "Now it's 7 years, just like that. I wake up everyday & thank the man upstairs for putting @kendra_wilkinson_baskett in my life🙏🏽. 😘 A video posted by Hank Baskett (@hank_baskett) on "7 years....7 years of ups and downs, tears of joy and sadness," he wrote. We sit here today after 7 years still going strong with our love growing by the day.

Is is just me or should an open dialogue with kids this age be more about the tooth fairy and less about their father’s infidelities.

I want to make sure they know that like, you know, ‘To each their own.’ If they’re not harming someone, if you’re not doing any harm to yourself, be the person that you want to be, do what you want to do and be true to yourself.”It’s been almost two years since Hank’s affair, and Kendra believes that they are growing and learning from the experience.

And there is someone behind [it]." On why Hank is speaking on the alleged recordings: "If you had one chance, one chance to save your family, to save yourself, to save the most amazing parents, the most amazing children, the most amazing wife, the most amazing life – You are not gonna go and scream and yell and threaten and this and that.

he went through an identity crisis." "Kendra on Top" airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's marriage appeared to be on the rocks after alleged infidelity rumors plagued the couple in recent months, but now Kendra says she and Hank are in it "forever." In October, an emotional Kendra visited and told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover that she was unsure if she was going to stay with the former NFL player after he allegedly had an affair with transgender model Ava London.