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It’s a hot book, well written and full of all sorts of crazy encounters where cuckold must watch and or join his smokin kitten of a wife. There seems to be a big surge these days in swingers turning to black men for their adventurous evenings out. Yes some black guys are not, in fact many are the same as alot of smaller white men, but swingers of color tend to be on the larger side of things. Mandingo parties are turning up all over the country. I hear friends of mine when we go out say how cute that guy is or how sexy he is and chat about it over and over again.

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Then a terrible accident regarding James, followed by a wild opportunity for Tiffany leads to big changes in their marriage.

The wife becomes the woman she has within and the husband has no choice but to allow her to pursue financial gain via sexual escapades. Though we have found as have many of our friends that the black men who swing and promote themselves as lovers for girlfriends and wives all seem to be rather endowed.

She skipped to a different beat and got fully into her sexual self, yet still morals and what is right and wrong gave her guilt.

The same guilt men have when wanting so badly to experiance other females. Could you both share such dealings and come to greater heights of excitement and would life be more fun? If she is someone that we develop feelings for we will probably always love her unless she does very bad acts in society.

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No, she is a wild rose of Texas, a vixen who will stop at nothing to get satisfaction, even if it means jumping the chauffeur in their wedding limo. After all, Michael is a loving dad and a good provider, but as far as God’s gifts go, his package isn’t quite what it should be.