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Ride off the tension: There is nothing like riding bikes with your kids.

Amanda Bell says the lady in front of her was returning something and was relentlessly asking questions about what would happen to her Kohl's Cash.

Amanda says the woman kept asking so many questions that the cashier eventually called over a manager to help.

Find ways to bring a little more fun into your life to curb stress and create fun family memories. Find a support group The truth is we devote so much time to our families, we forget to take time for our social needs, whether it's our significant other or our girlfriends.

Be spontaneous: Celebrate the dog’s birthday by baking him a cake. Tape a dollar bill to the garbage can (and don't say anything about it) to see who will take out the trash. Relationships help reduce our stress and restore balance.

If your car pool is frantic because you can’t find your keys, make an extra set. Learn deep breathing or meditation Deep abdominal breathing, meditation, and prayer are proven to help moderate stress and help the body relax.

Best yet, you can also teach the tension-relieving strategies to your kids! Inhale slowly to a count of five, pause for two counts, and then slowly breathe out the same way, again counting to five. (Using bubble blowers or pinwheels helps younger kids learn to take slow deep breaths to blow “meanies” away.) Try elevator breathing.

Lest you think the story becomes sappy, keep in mind that Tina stars alongside Paul Rudd in the flick, so the wisecracks fly nonstop. What do you know now that you didn't before you had kids?

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