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“No models smooching and me narrating.” Now, this is a classic example of me opening my big mouth without really thinking things through. ” A week or so later the producer emailed me a pic of my future kissing partner, Mike. “We can’t kiss for the first time in front of everyone.” Suddenly his hand was on my cheek and his lips on mine and like reverse CPR, he seemed to inhale all the panic right out of me.

In my little pea brain I was like “Hey, I like kissing! A model/actor/comedian, he looked like James Franco (who I have, shall we say, experience with–but that’s a tale for another time! But he wasn’t a good kisser–he was a fantastic kisser. After our private kiss, my white-knuckled terror melted away and we had a BLAST filming the videos.

So I was delighted when How Cast called me up a few weeks ago and asked me to do another how-to series on kissing. It’s not exactly commonplace to meet a guy (even one as foxy as Mike), shake hands then sit down and French on camera for 10 hours. Mike and I tried our best to chat and get to know each other as the crew set up, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I was going to kiss someone for the first time on camera, with 10 people watching–and directing it! Usually if that happens IRL, you at least being bad kissers?! Without a word, Mike took my hand and lead me into the wardrobe room.

“I’m only doing this if I’m the one doing the kissing,” I said firmly. Kissing is a very intimate thing, usually done in darkness, alone. My head was swimming with all the ways this could be a disaster. ” said poor Mike, noticing me hyperventilate and twitch as I tried to put on my lip gloss. “I get it,” he said, wrapping his arms around my waist.

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