Start Hope solo dating black guy

Hope solo dating black guy

To be real, it seems as if they’re far more afraid of being “taken advantage of” by women.

Both Stevens and Solo attended the University of Washington.

She recently shared a photo of them together on Twitter and used the hashtag #dawgs4life, a Washington Huskies reference.

” My friend was gushing about the whimsical first date she had last week.

While I was all heart-eyed along with her, my guy friend was unmoved and asked her one question: “Is he white? He threw his hands up and scoffed as if to say, “How did I know?

It’s as if Black men constantly need reassurance that they have the upper hand in terms of who is putting in the least amount effort, but getting the greatest ROI.

This dynamic doesn’t bode well for just happenstance, one must wonder, “Where the hell does this backwards thinking comes from?

A Kirkland Municipal Court judge released him shortly after, saying there was no evidence connecting Stevens to any assault, according to news reports.