Start Heterosex


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The result was a press release which was then retracted and Hotham threatened with legal action.

You can read it here, if you can bear truly, mind-numbingly awful grammar.

You have all probably heard of the famous Kinsey Scale measure of sexual orientation that ranges from zero (exclusively heterosexual) to six (exclusively gay).

Kinsey and his research team classified research participants along this scale based on how they answered a series of questions about their sexual attractions, fantasies, behaviors, and sexual orientation identity labels that they used throughout their lifetime.

“Straight Pride admire President Vladimir Putin of Russia for his stance and support of his country’s traditional values”, they explain in said release.

“Straight Pride support what Russia and Africa is doing, these country have morals and are listening to their majorities.” (Surely, that should be Russia and Bongobongoland.) So, there you have it, in a nutshell.

It varies from study to study, but a fairly typical approach has been to group the 0-1 as heterosexual, 2-4 as bisexual, and 5-6 as gay/lesbian.

As a result, very little research has focused specifically on the people who have only a slight amount of same- or –opposite sex attraction (the 1s and 5s).

So, when I read on Straight Pride UK's Facebook page that, apparently, “coming out as heterosexual in today's politically correct world is an extremely challenging experience” which is “often distressing and evokes emotions of fear, relief, pride and embarrassment”, I was left a little baffled. Maybe in other families when a son tells his father he likes girls, the father chases him around the house trying to effect an impromptu effete coiffure to turn him gay. Stop grumbling, transsexual teacher hounded by tabloid papers.

And you too, slightly delicate kid, leaving school before last period under some pretext to avoid another beating - quit your kvetching.

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