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That’d take a lot of work and require a professional to uncover the whys.

If you believe your partner is unfaithful, every time a text response is delayed, you’ll think they are being unfaithful.

If you think your girlfriend is controlling, every time she asks you a yes or no question, you’ll feel like she’s backing you into a corner in an attempt to control you.

Making a snap decision based on limited experience means possibly granting our trust and allowing loyalty to people we don’t actually know.

Managing the Trigger Moments: Because you’ve assigned labels to your significant other, warranted or not, situations will occur to either support what you’ve already determined or challenge your thinking.

The smaller the volume of spots on a channel, the easier the process was to quickly identify under-performing spots and reallocate them to another channel.

As the volume on each channel increased, so did the complexity and the options in terms of weighting of the channel and buying decisions.

For me, the danger in this one extends far beyond the name.