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Guangzhou sex chat

Guangzhou in particular has been hit hard by the inflationary bug with many people having become very wealthy in a short period of time.

That said, a standard Single Dude day would easily set you back a minimum of 600 RMB (~$100 USD) with basic shared accommodation for two, meals and a few drinks out at the clubs.

We were having a pretty fun time there, drinking 6 beers for 240 RMB ($6.50 each, quite a good deal for the party pier) when around AM, seemingly out of nowhere, 100-150 sketchy looking African dudes came out of nowhere and descended the Party Pier like locusts with a particular affinity for the Wave Club.

I don’t know where they came from or what they were doing in town, but it all of a sudden did not seem like a very safe place to be and we got the hell out.

You don’t want to eat the local cheap food or stay in low end accommodation, trust me.

There are definitely some very nice girls in town and that was one of the few pros about Guangzhou.

We were staying on a major, major street in Tianhe (the new town) and even though we had a map of the apartment provided by our host, the address in Chinese, and the address was on a 4 lane divided highway in the center of town, all of our taxi drivers were unable to find it without me sitting in the passenger seat and giving them GPS assisted turn-by-turn directions.

They also would refuse to take us to major city landmarks such as the Canton tower (the largest tower in China) and the party pier (a major party destination in the center of town) claiming they didn’t know where they were.

Manuel and I took a weekend trip down there to explore the scene and in our opinion is not a great option for Single Dudes. This was my first trip to the mainland and I was expecting it to be a bargain, but Guangzhou is definitely not even close to cheap.