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The right moment: Last month, Harry took Markle to Africa on a romantic safari for her birthday.

On this, the two have a lot in common: Harry has taken seriously his charity work and his desire to carry on his mother Princess Diana's legacy.

And Markle was involved in humanitarian work, including in Harry's favorite continent of Africa, even before she met Harry.

"There’s just no comparison to Wallis Simpson, who was widely detested and the fact that she had two former husbands living went totally against the rules (then) of the Church of England," Smith says.

"If they marry, and most think it is a matter of when, it will be an extremely popular match which will attract vast media attention," Fitzwilliam says.

He will soon become sixth-in-line to the throne, after brother Prince William and Duchess Kate's third child is born in the spring.

"The likelihood that he will ever wear a crown is pretty remote at this stage, but he's an exceedingly valuable and popular member of the royal family," says Smith.

"That's a pretty strong likelihood it could be a prelude to something serious, based on the tenor of what she said.