Start Gemini woman dating cancer man

Gemini woman dating cancer man

Believe me when I say, forget regular astrology for this one: this is one romance where Cancer comes off as if he has better social skills than Gemini (despite what’s written about this two as individuals).

Jupiter (the ruler of your Sagittarius Descendant) is in Leo in your Third House of Communication, in a stressful square — or 90-degree angle — to your Moon.

You are a chatty Gemini with a tendency to be the life of the party in social situations.

.) Added to that: Gemini seeks routine in the 6th House where Cancer is at her most creative in the 5th.

You may have a tendency to draw controlling men into your life — or at least men who hold their cards close to their chest.

Usually I get hung up on intellectual types — this man is intelligent but does not live in his head.

He is very domestic and appeals to me on a level I’ve never felt before, very emotional and physical.

It can be a threat to the power dynamic here – and it brings out a side of Gemini Men often swept under the carpet by astrologers: defensive, weary and looking for the next screw-up from his lover, to keep score – basically everything you’d expect from a Cancer is found in Gemini here instead.