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Often too smoky and full of cliques, it can be a difficult place to make friends.

You can have a beer here, but beware: Cockring's clientele is very interested in getting together.

Montmartre Halvemaansteeg 17 When it's busy, Montmartre is gezelligheid personified – small, cosy, crowded and roaring with campy music sing-alongs. Seems to attract a lot of Hema fashion victims and guys from Dordrecht, but they're easy.

Amstel Tavern Amstel 54 Ever been to the sea, Billy? Sunday night is a good crowd, but it's always busy.

This friendly place is frequented by flannel types who'd rather be sailing. April Reguliersdwarsstraat 37 The only rotating gay bar we've ever seen sits in the back of this used-to-be-hip place.

Underneath the surface is a happening rent-boy scene, so beware of advances by too pretty and willing 19-year-olds.

Queen's Head Zeedijk 20 Tons of Ken dolls in the shop front clearly show Queen's Head's camp and kitsch nature.

Nevertheless, some good lesbian places can be found.