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A jailer with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office is accused of sexually assaulting three female inmates.

Sheriff Pounds said there is video evidence to support the claims, but his office did not discover it until after one of the inmate victims wrote a letter to the jail after she was released. He is currently an inmate of a jail somewhere outside the county for his protection.

Right now on the corner of 10th Street and Northside Drive in Atlanta, GA, there’s a huge billboard featuring a photograph of Bankroll Fresh, the Atlanta rapper who was shot and killed outside of a recording studio earlier this year.

That was my initial brand as a photographer, because I’d capture a lot of these candid moments. More artists wanted me to be around them because they knew like, “Alright, if Cam takes this picture, not just a few people are going to see it. He can send it to the blogs.” All of that translates to a bigger deal than a regular situation. To be quite frank, in Atlanta, we don’t have the media outlets here. We make great music and a lot of stuff is coming out of Atlanta, don’t get it twisted, but when I was coming up in the scene? And I noticed the difference when I started traveling more and I’d go to concerts in New York.

I was never the photographer to disrupt the vibe of what’s going on. All of those factors together allowed me to get the kind of access I have in Atlanta. In like 2013, late 2012 when I first started shooting, there would be times where I’d go to a concert and I’d be the only photographer in the whole venue. It’d be ten other photographers with 5D cameras and they’re shooting for this magazine and that magazine.

I’ve been in a studio session one time where it was Future, Meek Mill, Waka Flocka, Metro Boomin.

If this moment happened in New York, it would have been a big deal.

The names of the alleged victims are not being released, but CBS46 has learned one is awaiting trial for murder.

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