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After all, Ayrran Azenyanistan was still not so very safe.

I'll brief my own later but to make the point, we are going to get ready to fight our neighbors."There was murmuring. Crewman on the flight deck are busy refueling aircraft, and loading the V-44Bs with their equipment.

With any luck they'd have a base on land to operate from but if not they can continue to operate from their carrier for as long as they need to.

I'm expecting elements from the G171, Angels, Commandos and the SCP as well as the New Azen Force and the rest of the Army to be in this.

Octagon found out that it was Field General Monsoon, the commanding officer of her Division of mixed Reeseeraveesii and Naval Infantry aka Azen Sishanite Marines.

Get your men prepped and make sure that your vehicles have extra fuel. Start doing as I say and also do whatever else you think would raise our numbers and our chances. It's a busy day aboard the Valdez, crew and soldiers alike are running around the interior of the ship preparing to make landfall in a few hours.

I also want all of you to get your logistical officers to work. They had the more difficult job of trying to police the far reaches of the country, but thanks to their fleet of Mi-24s, and V-44Bs that wouldn't be all that hard to accomplish.

Brutal fighting continued as some rebels managed to escape the city-state.