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Free trial adult camsite

* SERVICE FEE: $8.00 non-refundable fee is charged per reservation site booked, cancelled or changed. * Regional Parks Foundation discount: More information...

The dog fee is $2/day; guide/service dogs are free. 6 ft.) while in campgrounds, picnic areas, and other developed areas of the park. Persons with noisy, vicious or uncontrolled animals will be required to leave the park and may be cited. Due to the various sizes of tent sites in our family campgrounds, the quantity of tents that will fit on each site may vary. You may have a maximum of two vehicles at your site.

A camping discount of $10 off per night November-March and $5 off per night April-October is applicable on one campsite only, and must be occupied by the member.

An $8 camping reservation fee applies and you must request the membership discount when you first make the reservation.

Please have your reservation number and site number available at check in.

The two vehicles must fit on the parking pad at your site.

Juveniles (any unmarried person under the age of 18) must follow one of these three requirements in order to check into a campsite: a) Be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or b) Be part of a group permitted to occupy parklands at night and who is supervised by at least one responsible adult over the age of 21 for each ten juveniles. CAMPGROUND DISTURBANCES: PLEASE CALL 911 ON THE PARK PAYPHONE OR (510) 881-1121 TO NOTIFY PARK POLICE OF AFTER-HOURS PROBLEMS that need police attention.

Other campers will be glad you brought the problem to the attention of the Regional Parks Police.

If your vehicle is not hitched and does not have a parking pass, you can be given a parking citation by the Park Police in addition to being charged the per night fee.