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The i Phone 4 requires you to have a Wi-Fi connection in order to make a Face Time call, and so do i Pod touches.

Failing all of that, you may simply need to setup another e-mail address with one of the many free providers out there.

Filip (#5): Unfortunately, this is not possible—at least not yet.

You’ll need i OS 4.1 or later to place calls to an e-mail address, but otherwise it’s the same as placing any other kind of Face Time call—the user’s e-mail address should appear as one of the destinations when you tap the “Face Time” button on a contact record.

@Ross (#4): You can use the same Apple ID on both the i Pod touch and the Mac, but you will definitely need an alternate e-mail address on one of the devices.

This does not have to be a completely separate address, however—it can be an alias to your existing account if your e-mail provider allows you to setup aliases.

Some providers also automatically handle “plus” addressing in which case you could setup the second Face Time device as something like “yourem[email protected]” As long as you can receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox in order to verify the address that should work fine.

You have the ability to switch cameras and microphones from a Video menu at the top of the screen, as well as to manually toggle between landscape and portrait orientations, enter a full screen mode, and mute the audio. This keeps you from having to watch a persistent video of your own face, which by default is shown in portrait orientation rather than landscape.

The app runs in the background when turned off, launching automatically when a call comes in, letting you accept or reject the call.

I’m having trouble getting a connection to anybody from Face Time for Mac.

When I initiate the connection, the phone or mac on the other end will ring, but the connection will not go through and no video will start.

But since there’s no way to turn the Mac on its side (unless you’re on a laptop), when using Face Time on the Mac, you can force your image to be turned automatically using the Video Use Portrait/Use Landscape feature. When Face Time is running in the background on the Mac, it keeps track of missed calls with a red numeric pop-up, and brings you to your list of recent calls on startup, showing you in red whose calls you’ve missed.