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As Chris passes him, he taps him to get his attention, and says something like "Hey buddy ..." Chris makes a get-away-from-me hand wavy gesture without looking at any of the three of them, and fairly loudly says "It's Miss! Chris continues to his car in a half run, half walk, as all three of the people in the store watch confused and amused.

My friend and the cashier, both object and yell that he has to leave the $2 with the cashier. A dude who was behind both of them in line is between Chris and the door.

This information comes on the heels of Chris begging people for money to fix his mother's cavities, as well as the financial worries that his trials will undoubtedly cause.

In July 2016, a field agent provided the following account of Chris, in a situation where he did not have enough cash to pay for his junk food at a gas station My friend walks into a gas station/convenience store on the northern edge of Charlottesville.

Yet with my impuslive [sic] shoppiness [sic] (mostly controable [sic]), I end up spending my side-money after I get it.