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There she instituted a religiously-cloaked system of eugenics, slowly taking the strong sons and daughters to become warriors for the Hounds of Hecate, leaving only the weak and infirm. I don't..." She paused as she tried to remember who she was, struggling with the blackness that was her mind. It is not certain if she will appear in any future Fallout game.

Weakened and on the retreat, the Twisted Hairs were then set upon by the Legion and destroyed.

No one was spared, although one woman did manage to escape. She wandered the desert passing from tribe to tribe trying to find someone who would take her in and give her a home. They told her that she was cursed, that the Legion had marked her, and that she would bring death to any who provided her help.

Jeremiah held to his convictions and watched as many of the Canaanites left with Bishop Mordecai.