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In today’s digital world, with the advent of dating apps and websites, many relationships are blossoming on the computer rather than face-to-face.

It only makes sense that cheating would follow this online trend, as well.

People who are unfaithful, be it online or in person, usually seek something lacking from their real-life relationships.

In some cases, it’s friendship and attention, or the chance to reveal your true self to someone.

With many of these interactions—and even entire affairs—taking place on the web, we are faced with a “grey area” of cheating behaviors.

However, even with a change of scenery, the motivation for cheating typically is the same as for physical affairs.

Hence, the newfound “grey area” of online encounters. The web serves as a guard of sorts, and many people simply seek a confidence boost from a stranger or friend of a friend.

However, these interactions often spiral into fantasies, in which both parties can portray themselves as altered versions of themselves, characters that rarely mesh with reality.

And as you no doubt know by now, the foundation for all successful relationships is trust.

Without trust, you’re setting yourself up for failure. That can include messaging with friends of friends for prolonged periods of time, flirting online, or video chatting strangers.

Sometimes people in online relationships engage in cyber sex via video chats.