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At the ranch, my sister and I unpacked and settled into our rooms. Although my sister and I hadn't really touched each other since the "incident," we still had the hots for each other.

I decided, "while in Rome," and pulled my sister into my arms. Lucia asked if our uncle had heard anything from our ex-aunt Louise. Uncle Stephen broke the pause, "Well, now that it's all out in the open, I want you two to know that while you're here, you're free to sleep together, and explore each other to your heart's content.

The hot summer air blasted through my hair in the back of the open jeep.

I took in the beautiful landscape and rolling hills. As if being around my hot sister wasn't bad enough, the sight of Carol and Ellen's trim, curvy bodies made my poor cock strain and jump in my jeans.

Ellen, at eighteen was the same age as Lucia and I.

Next to my sister, it was easy to see the family resemblance.

Carol and I acted as mirrors on each side her, trying to copy each other as our mouths went to Lucia's small tits.

I ran my tongue in gentle circles around the areola, my lips brushing the erect nipple.

It hadn't been easy getting permission from our parents.