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Browse through thousands of tall women and tall men profiles to find the right one just for you and message them today. Thinking maybe I'll become some farmer who will care for hundreds of animals when I'… :) Maybe I write a bit more if I like it :) I am still quite new to the site, but I like the idea very much.

Vasek then used two methods to estimate the age of the ring.

One method counted rings and measured the distance of annual growth, and the other used radiocarbon dating on pieces of wood found in the center of the ring, and measuring their distance from each other and the living bushes.

“Jersey City, as opposed to Manhattan, has a bit more of a community vibe.

It is also possible to allow only matching users to write you or look at your profile!

It's a social stigma it seems that a tall guy and short girl should be together but I always thought a tall girl…

» Okay I'm not THAT short, 5'9, but probably look like a hobbit compared to some people here.

“I must have had a fairly surprised look on my face.