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Fitness single dating services

Though this website is technically a “dating site,” Fitness Singles says that they are not only an online format for romantic singles to meet, but also people who may be simply looking for new friends to exercise with or workout partners who share their same interests and hobbies.

Enter Fitness Singles, an online dating site for people that care about fitness more than the rest of us. To be exact – fitness singles is an online dating service that matches people who care about their well-being and are active in a way.

So a gym membership isn’t a prerequisite to joining this dating site.

And though creating a dating profile is usually a good time to “talk yourself up,” this website cautions that you should spend more time making sure that you are accurately describing your level of fitness and activity, because the goal is to find someone who matches your same level and who can share your activities with you.

Finally, make sure to include photos, especially those of you enjoying your favorite activities.

I believed this is a Real Scam Dating site that just want to rip off fitness enthusiast. They have trained employees or paid accomplices to pretend to be members, then entice you by their sweet scripted messages. I was alrted, because had heard people telling me that some Nigerian using other people's profile to scam for money.

If you want to cancel your membership, the name of the corporation E-Unity Corp. The men said, I need you to 100% trust me, and he sent me a link to his account.

The dating service’s slogan is “Where relationships workout” which is not bad for a punny company’s motto. If you’re going to spend a lot of time, or potentially the rest of your life, with a single person you need to be in sync about the daily stuff like eating habits and how do you spend your free time.