Start Fedex tracking not updating

Fedex tracking not updating

You're thinking: Josh, it's been months since you have written here. Backstory: The trusty Play Station 3 got killed by an errant disc with a crack in it, but that is a whole other rant.

They said it was still scheduled for today and that the local delivery went until 8PM. October the 6th has been happily going around for many hours now. Every time I have checked the tracking site it said that. Now that 8PM has magically hit, the estimated date is suddenly .... So I'm not going to pretend to know the kind of calculus require to estimate on October 4th that a package will arrive on October 6th versus October 7th. Math simply does not play by those rules, I've been told. and I will tell you: That is a Fed Ex tracking page with no estimated delivery date. Let me inform you of the useful and accurate information an actual human being was able to confirm from me when I called Fed Ex: Ohhh ...

Just wait until tomorrow to see if there's an update or if it shows up on your doorstep. My local Apple store has had it on the shelf for ever and I'm still waiting...

Everything is signature required so not to worry about not getting it. Makes it hard to justify ever ordering direct from DJI again.

Not uncommon for a company to post a shipment, create the tracking number and issue it as you have it and it now show up "trackable".

It could be late tonight or tomorrow before you see it as they likely have a container load sitting their that have not been checked in by the shipper/ is in this case...check tomorrow, it should be fine.

Hence, I'm not writing on Cathode as much as I'd like. I don't want a satellite feed of where the delivery driver is taking his lunch.

I actually get to write with my new job and one of the side effects is that my hypografia is more or less tamed by it. And that is fucking ridiculous in an age of technology where I can find the closest and best brewpub to me in a city that I have never been in and do not own a map of simply by asking my phone to find it for me. I don't need GPS updates of the exact vector of my package is at any given time.

Sony's customer support was, to be quite awesome without being overly fanboy ... The PS3 has been to Sony, reportedly fixed, and sent back to me.