Start Fast times at ridgemont high dating rules

Fast times at ridgemont high dating rules

A good-looking man in his mid-twenties enters and sits. (Bruce Springsteen) LINDA Did you see his cute little butt?

She fluffs up Stacy's hair and gently shoves her towards the door.

LINDA Come on, Stacy, it's your section and your man. LINDA Just take his order, look him in the eye and if he says anything remotely funny, laugh a lot.

Spicoli, I don't know.' That's nice, I really like that. I'm going to leave your words on my board for all my classes to enjoy, giving you full credit of course, Mr. Well, you know something maybe they know you pretty good.

They say oh, Damone that loud mouth - and they say that a lot. I mean when they call you an idiot, I say Damone's not an idiot.

Kids mill around the parking lot or stand by the mall entrance. RIDGEMONT CENTER MALL There are three levels of stores underneath a massive fluorescent roof. It looks seventies-modern, but already used and run-down. WAITRESS #2 I think I'll drop over and change the shakers. She puts down a glass of water for Ron, spills some and mops it up.

Groups of kids cruise the mall, eyeing each other and acting cool. SWENSON'S ICE-CREAM PARLOR - NIGHT The teenage waitresses in their peppermint pattie uniforms are rushing around, trying to keep up with their orders. WAITRESS #1 He's too old for Stacy, she hasn't even started high school yet.

Stacy thinks it over, decides it's a joke and laughs (a little too late). RON (CONT'D) You look like you could still be in high school. He stares at her and she stares back uncomfortably.

Mike Damone, a transplanted Easterner, bops over from the record store, eyeing every girl he passes. THE RAT Do you ever look at those girls who work at Swenson's? And I have to stand out here and watch them six nights a week.

In the middle of the kitchen, directing all the orders, is a seventeen year old named Brad. He shouts to the other employees as he puts in a new batch, "his" batch.

Brad smiles, walks over to the fryer and discards the fries left from the previous shift.

You promised when I started working at the mall that my life would change...