Start Essential online dating guide

Essential online dating guide

Be confident, be assertive and let Sugar Daddy know exactly what you require in order to ensure your happiness. Sugar Daddies respect determined Sugar Babies who possesses a strong sense of self.

Never disclose too much personal information, if any, during the first round of e-mails or conversations.

Keep the first meeting with Sugar Daddy in a neutral location, preferably a very public place, and always leave a travel plan behind with someone reliable.

Theres no need to be paranoid but when meeting someone, anyone, for the first time it is just basic common sense to let someone else know where you are going and when youll return.

Set up an Im OK call or text for about fifteen minutes into the date with Sugar Daddy so your lifeline knows youre safe.

If you decide to go to another locale with Sugar Daddy then take your own ride.

Favorite movies, restaurants, likes and dislikes are all perfect conversation points.

Once the two of you have established a solid level of comfort then proceed like you would with any other potential suitor.

Everyone is clear about what the Sugar Daddy dating scene is all about so dont be shy about your personal and financial needs.