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It’s hard to put your finger on why these slight changes catch your eye, but there’s no denying that Touch Wiz has matured ever so slightly on the Samsung Pro tablets.

I did notice, however, several stutters and slowdowns in the tablets' heavy Touch Wiz UI — more on that below.

Move up to the 10.1- and 12.2-inch models and you’ll find lower densities of 307ppi and 254ppi respectively.

Put all three side-by-side and you'll clearly see the difference in density: at 8.4 inches ,things remain unbelievably sharp and vivid, while at 12.2 you’ll find slight degradation, especially when it comes to text that can at times appear jagged and fuzzy.

The Note Pro 12.2 will have a 64 GB storage option in addition to the standard 32 GBs.

I found performance on both the Tab Pro 8.4 and Note Pro 12.2 to be relatively similar: speedy, fluid, and highly capable of just about anything you can throw at it.

Across all sizes you’ll find the same faux leather backing, available in both black and white, along with a metallic trim.

Each Pro model features two speakers near the micro USB port that, like most built-in Samsung speakers, are capable of producing high but sometimes tinny audio.

Introducing the Samsung "Pro" line, a sampling of the best tablet models Samsung has to offer complete with beefed-up specs, a shiny new coat of paint and the next iteration of Touch Wiz.