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The general air is “if THEY were not here, IT (theft, murder, riots etc) would not be happening…. I find myself increasingly reluctant to bring up my children in this country. Like I said, if you are Black, come visit, just don’t come and live here.

The only pages I now limit myself to are the job ad section.. I’m not sure I can articulate what it is like being black here.. I fear that they will grow up with a “closed mind” that seems to plague most Danes…. I decided this would be the best place for this update.

All the other black Africans I personally know work blue collar and are not university degreed. But I do not give it that much place in my life because I go on about my life the best way I know how. I get it, this time the difference is that I am on the receiving end of it and it sucks. but I still would not recommend DK to anyone of color, unless you have lived in a place like America and already used to dealing with this ish…

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I pine because I know and believe that my career life would have been different. My career died here and I have not been able to resurrect it. Yet at the same time I feel such a sense of compassion and understanding because I get the way they are thinking, the why and how. Last week, I turned it off because it was too much, I was embarrssed for them and irritated by them. Chika Unigwe explains it best here Before I go I would like to say that I personally know only 3 black african proffesionals. One can hardly string a sentence in Danish, but works for a multinational. I am considering taking down this post because of all the hate and craziness going on. I wrote the original post in September 2006 that is 8 years ago and yes in that time I have changed as a person.