Start Drake and nicki minaj dating twitter

Drake and nicki minaj dating twitter

For many people, this, in conjunction with Nicki's Instagram post, would spell "relationship," but hold up.

The group posed with an Emmys trophy, though it's unclear what the award was for. "Nas and Nicki" was trending on Twitter this morning; but the internet was divided on whether or not to ship the potential new couple.

The usually lifeless task of the early morning Instagram scroll got a shot in the arm Wednesday when Nicki Minaj shared a captionless reunion photo with Drake, sending the internet down a rabbit hole of hasty jokes and collective shock from which we may never recover.

It turns out the photo was actually taken about a week after she broke up with Meek Mill, and now Twitter's showing no mercy for the Dreamchasers MC, unleashing memes and gifs galore. Many noticed Meek Mill's Instagram has been deleted, taking it to mean he'd been hurt by the picture, but his IG has been non-existent for at least a couple weeks.

If anything, all this proves how much people want to portray Meek as hurt, when really, we have no idea what he thinks.

The facts as they are presented now really don’t support the romantic underpinnings of the picture however.

For one, in the caption, Nicki is congratulating Nas while complimenting the food.

To see his dreams come into fruition, it makes me very happy," she said.