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It teaches guys what they can do to improve their success with women.

Company Name: Hot Topic Media Instructor(s) Associated with Company: David De Angelo (Eben Pagan), Christian Carter, Rori Raye, Carol Allen Available Affiliate Commission: Let’s just say there is a VERY generous commission on a Double Your Dating ebook sale.

Being unattractive in the world of seduction advice is a boon.

Why should guys take advice in seducing women from an otherwise attractive guy? He also, in his “Double Your Dating” programs, teaches that men attract women because of behavior. He has developed a number of “new” methods and techniques for seducing women and hopefully enhancing their attraction “regardless of the man’s appearance.” According to his bio, David De Angelo bases his methods on “human psychology” (as opposed to mineral psychology? He also bases them on “how women are genetically programmed (through evolution) to respond to men”.

De Angelo has been saying for years that women are not as hung up on looks as men are – something that social scientists are now saying as well. I’ve included below 5″David De Angelo lessons” along with some thoughts on the ideas they represent: This sounds plain enough. But this is one of the areas of De Angelo’s philosophy that leans more toward the thinking patterns of his forebears Jeffries and Mystery.

De Angelo is suggesting that a woman does not freely ‘choose’ who she is attracted to, but can be influenced by all sorts of outside sources.

He means that the man should not waste time over-complimenting (or in some reader’s eyes complimenting at all) or over-thinking your time with a woman.

He redefines the nature of the male-female intimate relationship by suggesting that it’s not a friendship at all.

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