Start Does not support updating

Does not support updating

The way to overcome this is to use SQL statements or stored procedures with ADO command objects to update your database, and simply run another query (close and reopen the recordset) whenever you want to update your local recordset with your changes. Move Last End Sub I don't mean to embarrass you, Andrew, but you should probably check your answers more carefully before you make them, in particular with ADO since this isn't the first howler you've made in your ADO answers. If you're really trying to help them, you have a responsibility to see that you're not giving them wrong information.

Net) and batch updating, which is the cheapest updatable recordset in terms of performance, but also the most complicated to work with in multiuser situations.

Open "Access", Con, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Table If Not txt User Number. The last choice is to use disconnected recordsets (which is the default behavior in .

Fields("reference") ' Msg Box ("HELLO") End If 'rs. Text ' Saves the customer ID to the database This is only comparing the field of the first record in the recordset, or the row that the recordset is currently on (having just opened the recordset). Move First so that you start searching from the first row; Use rs.