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To your partner's brain, the buxom woman was like a colourful hummingbird.

His way of showing that he cares is to try to solve your problems. You share a night of passion and, within minutes, he's snoring away. But don't think he doesn't care enough to stay awake: the oxytocin is to blame for men's post-coital narcolepsy.

Oxytocin promotes pleasurable, warm and safe feelings during and after sex.

During a man's midlife transition, he often isn't as motivated about fighting his way up the ladder at work either.

He knows his value and his thoughts are more concerned with providing security and protection for his mate.

Of course, how parents raise us can reinforce or suppress parts of our biology, but we now know that the emotional processing in the male and female brain is not the same.

Research suggests that our brains have two emotional systems that work simultaneously: system or MNS (which allows us to emotionally empathise with people); and the parietal junction system or TPJ (which fires the brain's analyse-and-fix-it circuits to look for solutions to emotional problems - cognitive empathy). This prevents their thought processes from being clouded by emotions, strengthening their ability to find practical solutions, but at times, it can make them appear to be uncaring.

For many men, this can happen several times a day because this is autopilot behaviour for the male brain.

They don't think it's a big deal and they can't understand why women find it so threatening - until the tables are turned.

Once men start to see a partner as The One, researchers have found that fear of loss or rejection can trigger a release of the mating hormones, testosterone and vasopressin, that drive his possessive mating instincts wild.

So, your partner couldn't have stopped his eyes from looking at her breasts even if he'd tried - but he could learn to be more discreet.

Older men are less territorial and no longer feel compelled to fight for their place in the pecking order.