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A public charter school that operates a public preschool program must comply with department rules for basic school approval standards for public preschool programs in accordance with section 4271, subsection 4 and section 4502, subsection 9.

Contract or cooperate with noncharter public schools for service for students with special needs, English language learner students and other specialized populations, as well as for mutually agreed administrative services; Contract with an education service provider for a limited scope of education services and resources related to the management and operation of the public charter school, as long as the public charter school's governing board retains authority over the oversight and management of the public charter school; A public charter school may not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, age, ancestry or national origin or on any other basis that would be unlawful if done by a noncharter public school.

A public charter school may not charge tuition and may only charge such fees as may be imposed by other noncharter public schools in the State.

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Notwithstanding any law or rule to the contrary, a public charter school takes over responsibility for special education for a student transferring to the public charter school on the first day of school at the public charter school unless the public charter school and the transferring school agree to an earlier date.

Bargaining units at the public charter school must be separate from other bargaining units, such as a district bargaining unit.

Staff at noncharter public schools converting to public charter schools have a right to employment benefits as stated in applicable collective bargaining agreements or they may vote to be represented in alternative ways.

Except as provided in this chapter and its charter contract, a public charter school is exempt from all statutes and rules applicable to a noncharter public school, a local school board or a school administrative unit.