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I made a documentary about Jack Kerouac a year ago, and traveling across America I met people that look like slack-jawed, gaptoothed hillbillies.

Well, in retrospect, a lot of things look ridiculous. At one point, he told me that he'd gone and met his brothers –— Mohammed, Buddha and Christ – —on a spaceship where there are robots you can have sex with that look exactly like real women, but they don't have any feelings. And he goes, "We can introduce you to this girl." And I'm going, "Yeah, all right, let's go!

A mistake that I will never make is to forget that there is a distinction be­tween American foreign policy and the American people.

I've noticed there are a lot of photos of you in those fashion best and worst things on the Internet. I rigidly adhere to a strict template: I dress like a superhero S&M scarecrow. It's been paying off huge dividends in the orgasm stakes so far – and there's a whole continent that has yet to be unpacked. It can work wonders if you have the persona for it. You say that in jest, but the head of an extraterrestrial-worshipping cult once told me that extraterrestrials are com­municating to us through our hair, so we should have long hair to act as transmitters.

I spent the whole day being groomed about the interview."You've been huge in the U. forever, but we're just hearing about you more re­cently in the U. How do you think American audiences are different from British audiences?